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From College QB to Entrepreneur, Brandon Wimbush Always Had a Vision

Brandon Wimbush is no stranger to the unique experience of playing the toughest position in sports — twice over. He played quarterback at Notre Dame and then UCF, hanging up his cleats in 2019.

During his time in college, he got firsthand experience on the upsides and downsides of how college athletes are treated. And though he’s no longer spending most of his time throwing footballs around, that experience drove him to identify potential opportunities to make current and future college athletes’ experiences better.

In thinking about life after football, Brandon sought to find innovative ways to help his fellow student-athletes across the country. He ultimately teamed up with business partner Ayden Syal to create MOGL, a platform to help current and former collegiate athletes to monetize their name, image, and likeness (NIL) with a community-minded approach that goes beyond just dollars and cents.

“Having walked in the shoes of the people that I can now impact the most, I knew exactly where the change needed to come from,” Wimbush said. “The conversation around us being compensated was always on the table but there was never a real tangible way to make a difference.”

Brandon feels empowered to change the landscape for college athletes in the coming years. He realizes the missed opportunities he had as a student-athlete himself with regards to potential earnings, and is motivated to use MOGL to help push the NIL conversation forward around the NCAA and beyond.

“I would’ve loved to have provided a couple personal training lessons to kids in the community and make a couple extra hundred dollars. Now is the time,” Brandon said of his playing career.

In the coming months, a whole lot is going to change across the NCAA landscape.

And MOGL is ready to take advantage of the opportunity by finding bigger and better ways to support and empower collegiate athletes of all stripes.

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