Jake Missry (left) and Jack Golomb (center) of Not Just Jeans

Not Just Jeans: In SoHo, a New York Fashion Phenom Rises

Boardroom University ambassador Jake Missry and business partner Jack Golomb are on a mission to reimagine the retail experience with NJJ.

Not Just Jeans, a clothing company founded by Jake Missry and Jack Golomb, opened its first pop-up in July in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. The store, which has hosted music video shoots with notable artists and drawn appearances from celebrated media personalities, has cultivated a unique energy.

It’s a place to chill and socialize, not just shop. NJJ’s business model focuses on exclusivity and knowing its clientele on a personal level, separating it from the traditional retail experience.

Boardroom University caught up with the co-founders to hear the full story of how Not Just Jeans (@notjustjeanss on IG) came about, as well as their future plans for the brand.

Name: Jake Missry
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Age: 18
School: George Washington University

Name: Jack Golomb
Hometown: Kings Point, NY
Age: 18
School: New York University

Creating Demand in-store and Online

When creating a collection, NJJ announces the exact date and time of its initial drop weeks prior. Each release typically sells out within an hour. In any event, the items are pulled from the brand’s website the next day and are no longer available for sale.

Missry and Golomb can be found in the store overseeing business operations, including everything from design to sewing to sales. The duo makes a point to be personable, and genuinely takes the time to talk to every person who walks through the door.

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Truly, the relationships behind each transaction are what intrigued the two 18-year-olds to start a clothing brand in the first place.

“I always cared about clothing in a personal way,” Golomb told Boardroom University. “So when he proposed the idea, he was a great designer and I’m a great networker, so I figured, ‘why not?’”

The growth of NJJ hasn’t been without challenges, of course. Each drop features clothing manufactured in Japan and Turkey, which limits the rate at which the two entrepreneurs can stockpile inventory and generate capital to fund expansion. That’s been the toughest obstacle so far. However, in Missry’s mind, completing the months-long process of producing a new collection and feeling that sense of accomplishment — at his and Golomb’s 18 years of age, no less — is the most rewarding part of the process.

And it’s all the motivation they need to keep pushing for more.

Not Just Jeans’ Jake Missry

Bigger and Better

Seeing up-and-coming hip-hop artist The Kid LAROI, best known for his hit single “STAY” featuring Justin Bieber, repping a Not Just Jeans hat in a recent music video also makes the grind worthwhile. But the boys aren’t satisfied quite yet.

“It made me feel happy, but I am a hungry person. When I saw him I thought, ‘wow, great.’ But we need bigger and better,’” Missry said, adding that the ultimate concept for the store is to pair small e-commerce brands like theirs with complementary cut-and-sew brands. 

”I want the store to feel like the old Collete store in Paris. An apparel-plus-accessory store,” he said.

That kind of ambition is necessary in such a competitive market.

And while the New York fashion scene in SoHo and beyond is teeming with prestige competition, Golomb and Missry are already proving how much headway you can make with a combination of Gen Z hustle and personal touch.


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