The ETCs: Charles Barkley

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The basketball legend and self-described “old-school Alabama dude” joins KD and Eddie on the latest episode of Boardroom’s “The ETCs” podcast.

Charles Barkley is about as constant a force as there is in the world of basketball. Naturally — as with any time the Chuckster is in the room, virtually or otherwise — he had a lot to talk about on the latest edition of Boardroom’s “The ETCs” podcast with Kevin Durant and Eddie Gonzalez.

On this all-new episode, Barkley reminisces about growing up from mentee to mentor over the course of his NBA career, settling into life on Inside the NBA, and how long he thinks he’ll keep it up as a fixture in sports media.

Charles has proven an ability to reinvent himself in the industry while staying true to his reputation as an unvarnished, unfiltered rhetorician. Just don’t expect him to take his act to social media any time soon.

“I’m anti-social media. I’ve never tweeted,” he tells KD. “First of all, I understand there’s built-in animosity toward anyone who’s successful. When you’re a celebrity, people can say anything they want you to you, but what you say to them can get you in trouble. I’m an old-school Alabama dude — if somebody says something to me, I have to respond.”

And nobody responds like Chuck.

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