Out of Office: Ronnie Fieg

The designer/entrepreneur Ronnie Fieg joins Rich Kleiman on “Out of Office” to discuss the inspiration and drive that led him to create Kith and change the face of streetwear.

Click here to listen to the full episode.

Why do we love what we love? Ronnie Fieg has a few thoughts on that.

On the latest episode of Boardroom’s “Out of Office” podcast, the Kith founder and creative director takes Rich Kleiman back to his early days in Jamaica, Queens to discuss how he first developed what would become quite a discerning eye for style. His unconventional approach to brand-building and marketing would lead him to create streetwear and footwear boutique Kith NYC — and engage in dozens of buzzworthy collaborations with top brands running the gamut from Adidas and Nike to Ralph Lauren and Clarks.

Other topics from today’s episode include:

  • What it takes to make inroads in the fashion industry
  • Why college life wasn’t ultimately part of Fieg’s path
  • What’s next for him and for Kith
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