Out of Office: Joe De Sena

Spartan Race and Death Race Co-founder and CEO Joe De Sena speaks with Rich Kleiman about his NYC upbringing and the path that led him to his entrepreneurship journey on “Out of Office.”

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This week’s episode of Boardroom’s “Out of Office” podcast finds a couple of native New Yorkers keeping it local.

Spartan Race co-founder Joe De Sena explains to Rich Kleiman the ways in which the neighborhood that raised him resembled Goodfellas and how a fateful pool-cleaning opportunity laid the groundwork for his origin story as an entrepreneur. He ended up making stops at both Cornell University and the wide world of Wall Street, where the values he witnessed

His desire to pivot to something purer led to the creation of the Spartan Race, one of the world’s most popular obstacle course racing competitions.

Additional topics on the pod include how De Sena developed a strategy for building a brand, learning resilience in the face of setbacks, and No Retreat: Business Bootcamp, his new show on CNBC.

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