Out of Office: Adam Sandler

The iconic actor and comedian joins Rich Kleiman on the “Out of Office” podcast to discuss his die-hard hoop fandom, working with LeBron James, and his new movie Hustle.

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Adam Sandler is an all-timer when it comes to the sacred art of the pickup game. And yes, he’s found the time between runs to make a couple of movies, too.

On the latest episode of Boardroom’s “Out of Office” podcast, the four-time Emmy-nominated actor and three-time Grammy-nominated comedian sits down with Rich Kleiman to talk all things hoops — including his new movie, Hustle, in which he portrays a struggling basketball scout that might just have discovered the next superstar (who happens to be portrayed by real-life Utah Jazz big man Juancho Hernangomez).

Hustle premieres in select theaters on June 3 and on Netflix on June 8.

Other topics on today’s episode of “Out of Office” include:

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