Lakers All Day Everyday’s Aron Cohen

It Started as a Side Hustle. Now, Aron Cohen Runs the World’s Biggest Lakers Fan Account.

If you could turn your passion into your career, wouldn’t you do it? He might not have realized it at the time, but Aron Cohen did exactly that when he started what would become the biggest Los Angeles Lakers fan community in the social media world.

A recent University of Southern California graduate, Cohen created an Instagram page he called Lakers All Day Everyday back in 2013 when he was just 14 years old. He started LADE as hobby, simply wanting to share his passion for the Lake Show with other superfans.

Today, the Instagram page has 281,000 followers.

Over the past eight years, Cohen has dedicated his time to producing the best Lakers content for the Purple and Gold faithful, and his work has given him a special kind of front-row seat for watching the landscapes of sports and social media evolve together.

When he got to USC, the added challenge emerged of balancing the life of a full-time student with outside work and growing his social media brand, but as he told Boardroom University, he learned to set his priorities in a way that ensured the work always got done.

That determination has grown Lakers All Day Everyday into a community of over a quarter of a million fans. It’s also connected Cohen to some of the greatest names in Laker history, as well as to partnerships and merchandise opportunities that now constitute the majority of his income.

Today, Cohen’s goal of making worldwide fans of the team feel as close as possible to the action continues to require that no corners be cut. He may not be in school anymore, but there’s still no substitute for sheer effort.

“On game days, I am usually on Instagram for at least five hours,” he said.

To get a sense of the weekly flow at LADE, Cohen walked Boardroom University through the key differences between game days and non-game days. If the Lakers are playing, he starts by posting a graphic that provides insight on the opponent along with his analysis and predictions. During games, he consistently posts highlights and game updates. After the final buzzer, he takes the temperature of how fans are feeling in the moment, posting anything from conversation-starters to followers’ IG responses. “It’s whatever feels right at the moment,” he said.

Off days consist of posting content that captures broader trends around the NBA and the world of sports, creating giveaways, and innovating new ways to reach fans — as well as connecting with the Lakers themselves.

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Lakers superstar big man Anthony Davis noticed and followed the Instagram page during the NBA Finals last year. Cohen was excited the star not only noticed the account, but began reposting content from the page.

In April, Cohen had the opportunity to fly to Orlando to watch the Lakers play — and Davis noticed him during the game, picking him out of the crowd and shouting, “Yo, Aron!” Following the game, Davis approached Cohen, said hello, and gave him a signed jersey.

A month later, AD added Cohen to his IG Live.

Anthony Davis
on IG Live
with Aron

These days, AD and AC talk from time to time, and there are plans for the two to play NBA 2K on a live stream in the coming weeks.

So, what’s next for Aron Cohen and Lakers All Day Everyday?

Cohen aims to continue to represent the Laker fanbase as faithfully as possible by providing them a platform that celebrates their favorite team and amplifies their voices. One day, Cohen dreams of a formal partnership with the Lakers that designates LADE as their official fan page.

And why not? He’s already got a pretty serious vote of confidence from a certain unibrow’d eight-time All-Star.


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