How Did Frank Michael Smith Become a Social Video Star? He Never Stopped Posting

The young entrepreneur’s tireless work has generated a following of over a million users across YouTube, IG, and TikTok.

“Sports have been a foundational part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was always talented, but honest enough with myself from an early age to know I wouldn’t turn pro,” Frank Michael Smith says of himself.

So he found another way to embrace his love of the game.

Smith, the CEO and Founder of FMS Productions LLC, took his creative talent and passion for sports and combined them into a career. Today, he writes, records, edits, and stars in digital productions across social media, building a loyal following of more than 1.1 million users along the way.

Smith first began his social media journey in 2008, when he started his first YouTube channel. He quickly began racking up tens of thousands of views. “To a 14-year-old, 10,000 views was pretty cool,” Smith told Boardroom University.

His YouTube channel‘s total views today?

186 million.

Through experience in the social media space as well as the sports industry, Frank Michael Smith came to know what it takes to provide the best and engaging content to his fans. 

During the pandemic, Smith was working with sports media brand ClutchPoints. Being forced to work from home, he took advantage of his outgoing personality, posting videos to TikTok around major sports topics as they arose. He realized that his seven- to eight-minute YouTube videos could be clipped down to just the most important bits, giving his TikTok followers what they want in 60 seconds.

He then took those videos to Instagram, bringing his followers snackable videos that they could consume in one or two minutes. 

“This is one of my very few projects that worked instantaneously,” Smith said.

When asked what his biggest challenge is as a young entrepreneur, Smith gave one response: the algorithm. Maximizing view count means cracking the code of how each social platform ranks and recommends each post, and that begins with publishing new content all day, every day.

Smith revealed that it sometimes becomes taxing to post on social media all the time, but his constant dedication and passion for his work are precisely the things that keep him going.

The fans help out there, too.

With multiple platforms in play 24/7 — he even hosts his own podcast, “Frank Michael Smith Show” — Smith is bound to get some funny direct messages. His favorite? “Someone slid into my DMs telling me that I looked like a rhinoceros,” he said.

Smith later launched an Instagram poll asking his followers whether or not they agreed with the DM’s bizarre suggestion.

Surprisingly enough, 80% of fans agreed that Smith does, in fact, look like a rhino. 

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Fortunately, Smith found this particularly funny, and even fascinating. Although he himself cannot see the rhino resemblance, these types of interactions are ultimately what bonds him to his fans. Smith went as far as launching his own rhinoceros-themed merchandise line to keep the joke going. He has a new merch set dropping soon, too, giving new life to the “Rhino Gang” throughout the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Smith has been fortunate enough to be able to partner with multiple brands through his work, including Adidas, EA Sports’ Madden franchise, and eBay. Today, FMS Productions LLC hosts fantasy games and continues to grow its presence within the live streaming space. And with such impressive successes under his belt as a social entrepreneur, Smith is more than happy to lift up other young creators with the same dreams he had.

His biggest piece of advice to digital up-and-comers is simple:

“If it’s not something you’re gonna share with your friends, don’t post it.”

And the next generation really ought to heed the words of FMS. After all, 1.1 million followers can’t be wrong.


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