FanDuel’s Erin Kate Dolan is Redefining What it Means to Bet on Yourself

The sports betting star catches up with Boardroom U to discuss her journey into sports media and her best advice for aspiring broadcasters.

Being a woman in sports is a challenging job, but that hasn’t kept a new generation of women from emerging as stars in a 24/7, cross-platform media environment.

Erin Kate Dolan is one of those women. 

Dolan creates betting content for FanDuel, representing the FanDuel Sportsbook on multiple shows, including B/R Betting’s “Group Chat.” She hosted “The Early Line” on SportsGrid and SiriusXM, and has made appearances on “More Ways to Win” and “Cover the Spread.”

Her list of credits is impressive. But just a handful of years ago, Dolan herself couldn’t have conceived of what the future had in store for her.

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A lifelong Philly sports fan, Dolan was a competitive athlete, running track and field and cross country from a young age. She originally attended the University of Oregon with aspirations to study either physical or occupational therapy, but in her freshman year, she was introduced to the career of FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews in a journalism class she was required to take.

Inspired by Andrews’ story, Dolan adjusted her plans and transferred to Penn State, pivoting to broadcast journalism with a concentration in sports.

Dolan graduated summa cum laude from PSU in 2018. And during her time in State College, she was a trailblazer.

“The best advice I’ve ever received was ‘bet on yourself,'” she told Boardroom University.

While she was still a student, Dolan produced the documentary film “Quiet Sundays,” which follows four NFL fans based in the United Kingdom in the lead-up to 2017’s NFL London Games. The film was highly successful and helped Dolan rack up a number of accolades. It was selected as the Student Film of the Month at the Top Shorts Online Film Festival, was named a semifinalist in the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards, and took home Best Student Film honors at the Coronado Island Film Festival.

Dolan produced the 2018 short film “Quiet Sundays,” which won several prizes on the film festival circuit.

Prior to entering the exploding sports betting world, Dolan was a sports reporter at Philadelphia television network WPHL and a sideline reporter for the Philadelphia Wings. As a budding TV personality, she was awarded the 2018 Society of Professional Journalists “Award of Excellence” and earned two Mid-Atlantic Emmy nominations. She also became the first female to win the Harry Kalas Award from the Philadelphia Broadcasters Foundation and secured several prestigious internships in the industry, including a stint at ESPN.

Before joining FanDuel at the beginning of 2021, Dolan was one of the faces of PointsBet, creating digital sports betting content and appearing weekly on the Brett Musberger-founded Vegas Stats and Information Network (VSiN).

Today, Dolan can be found creating betting-based entertainment for all of FanDuel’s social media platforms and dishing out picks on its “Dog of the Day” series and the weekly “FanDuel Hurry Up.”

Every day looks a little different for Dolan, and she’s constantly on the go to ensure total preparation for the fast-paced world of sports betting. As both an on-camera personality and a certified personal trainer, true mastery of time management isn’t optional for Dolan; to prepare for her hits, she is constantly checking lines, writing scripts, ideating unique insights for coverage, and watching an absolute ton of games — no matter where her days take her.

Although her young career has been filled with success it hasn’t been without its challenges. Dolan encourages aspiring broadcasters to steel themselves for the ups and downs of the industry. “You have to have very thick skin and be okay with rejection,” she said.

Dolan broke down barriers along her own path by believing in herself and not caring about what others think, a piece of advice she seeks to pass on to the next generation of creators. Critically, she advocates for being wholly authentic at all times. For her, that means shying away from brand deals and partnerships in order to stay fully focused on her work.

As for what’s next for Dolan? She has a long, long career ahead of her, but she’s sure that she will continue in the betting space one way or another. “Sports betting has been legalized in so many states, and hopefully will be legal in all of them soon,” she told Boardroom University.

Staying up to date with a rapidly changing industry is vital, and allows her to grow professionally along with it. Today, that means continuing to make the most of her time at FanDuel and establishing herself more and more within the brand. But one thing can be considered a lock.

No matter what comes next for Erin Dolan, she’ll be betting on herself.


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