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8 Cannabis Beverages to Elevate Your Next Dinner

With cannabis beverages continuing to rise in popularity, Boardroom explores the best options for those interested in sipping rather than smoking.

With the progression of the cannabis industry, there are many different ways to get the plant’s benefits. One way that has surged in popularity is via cannabis beverages. Whether they be THC-rich or CBD-dominant beverages, they are popping up all over cannabis dispensary shelves, weed delivery app menus, and dinner tables nationwide.

For the canna-curious people who would rather sip their weed than smoke, dab, or vape it, here are eight excellent cannabis beverages companies that make delicious cannabinoid elixirs.

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CANN makes great low-dose tonics for people that want a slow, subtle experience that won’t dominate their bodies. Toss one on the dinner table, or even bring one to the restaurant, and enjoy relaxed and happy effects without the threat of a morning hangover that alcohol brings.

CANN comes in various sizes and doses, so no matter your tolerance, there’s definitely a flavor and formula for you. You can get the eight-ounce core cans with two milligrams of THC and five milligrams of CBD, or the 12-ounce Hi Boys that contain five milligrams of THC. There are also sugar-free Lite versions of their soda, for the health-conscious.

These tasty beverages come in a variety of different flavors, including blood orange cardamom, lemon lavender, grapefruit rosemary, pineapple jalapeno, ginger lemongrass, cranberry sage, and yuzu elderflower. No matter your palate, you can find a CANN to suit your needs.


Pamos is another great addition to the dinner table. In fact, I went to a potluck dinner recently and someone brought the Microdose bottle for the group. It was a hit among the canna-curious consumers.

Pamos’ drinks come in microdose, low-dose, and high-dose options. Its flavors include Mai Tai, Long Island Iced Tea, and Peach & Guava Bellini. Each of these has a formula that includes cannabis-derived terpenes.

The Microdose bottle (great for weed newbies) features a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD (33 milligrams of each). The low-dose option (the most popular) contains six milligrams of THC and two milligrams of CBD per bottle. It’s an excellent choice for replacing alcoholic cocktails at the dinner table. Pamos’ high-dose cocktails, in Mai Tai and LIT flavors, contain 100 milligrams of THC, which is perfect for those that frequently use cannabis.

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Sessions

Before you ask: Yup, this is the same beer company that makes a delicious IPA (fight me). Many beer companies have also entered the cannabis-infused beverage space.

The Lagunitas Hi-Fi Sessions seltzers are some nice lil’ bevvies. Like the other drinks here, they too come in various doses and flavors. It’s almost as if cannabis consumers love having choices.

These bad boys come in three different flavors: the tart and juicy Cloudberry, which is a microdose option of two milligrams of both THC and CBD; the Hoppy Balance, which contains five milligrams of both THC and CBD; and the citrusy sweet Hoppy Chill, which contains 10 milligrams of THC and less than two of CBD. Crack one at the dinner table, or toss them in a cooler and enjoy a nice game day.


Wunder is another drink that is pretty popular for its quick onset time and cannabinoid variety. 

The Wunder types are broken down into two categories: Sessions and Higher Vibes. Sessions contain a low-dose amount of two milligrams of Delta-9, two milligrams of Delta-8, and four milligrams of CBD. Higher Vibes is a normal dose of 10 milligrams of Delta-9 and Delta-8, each.

These drinks come in both eight-ounece and 12-ounce cans, and a bunch of different flavors like Blackberry Lemon, Blood Orange Bitters, Watermelon Basil, Lemon Ginger, and Grapefruit Hibiscus. That Blood Orange Bitters flavor tastes really good. The effects hit smoothly, too.

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MyHi Stiks

MyHi is a water-soluble THC stir-in powder that lets you infuse any beverage of your choice with THC. They have a fast onset time of fewer than 15 minutes, and the high is expected to last for up to three hours.

The MyHi Stiks come in low-dose (five milligrams of THC) and regular-dose (10 milligrams of THC) options. The lower dose powders are called the Pick-Me-Up and the 10-milligram ones are called the Go-Getter. The Stiks are simple, but they’re definitely effective, and great to keep on deck for people that would rather drink something to enjoy cannabis’ many benefits instead of eating edibles or smoking flower.

Mad Lilly

Mad Lilly is a cannabis-infused spritzer for the purpose-driven cannabis consumer. What I mean by that is that they come in low-dose options, but then there’s also a CBN-inclusive formula for the folks that need a sleep aid.

There are three Mad Lilly flavors: Raspberry Hibiscus, Passion Fruit Mango, and Ginger Pear. They each have a low dose of five milligrams of both THC and CBD. For those wanting a sleep aid, Mad Lilly also produces a tonic made with a CBN-inclusive formula. It contains five milligrams mg of CBN, three milligrams of THC, and two milligrams of CBD. CBN is a cannabinoid believed to promote sleepy experiences.

Mad Tasty CBD Waters

It’s important to remember that cannabis is about more than just getting high, there are many other cannabinoids outside of THC that can benefit you. A CBD beverage like the Mad Tasty sparkling waters is a great example.

Mad Tasty’s waters are made with 20 milligrams of hemp-extracted CBD. They come in watermelon kiwi, yuzu citrus, unicorn tears, and grapefruit flavors. They won’t get you high, but they do have a certain relaxing quality that makes it great for people who aren’t built for THC. Plus, because they are CBD-centric, and that’s federally legal, you can order them online from wherever you are and have them sent right to your front door. Hell, they’re even available on GoPuff.

Mary Jones infused sodas

If you want a straight-up weed soda to go with that slice of pizza, the Mary Jones sodas are your next favorite drink. 

These sodas come in 100-milligram cans or 10-milligram bottles, with flavors including root beer, berry lemonade, green apple, and orange & cream soda. All of them are delicious, especially the berry lemonade flavor. 

Be aware, these sodas come on slow and easy, which means that if you overindulge, you will look up in a few hours and be absolutely SMACKED.

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